For Hire Carriers

We understand For Hire Carriers very well – in fact, we had our own contract carrier operation that we ran for 6 years while we first developed BOLT.  There is no one trucking company like any other one.  However, once you have had personal experience with owning a trucking company, you have an intimate understanding of all the minute details that go into managing a trucking company successfully and profitably – along with the need to be able to adapt quickly to the changing landscape of transportation and customer requirements. 

The Internet-based architecture of BOLT allows us to provide you with the flexibility you need for your operation – while maintaining the overall integrity of your system and providing the easiest and most efficient way for you to manage your assets.

Here are some of the features and functions that BOLT can provide for you:

  • Simple and fast load entry – either manually or electronically via the Internet
  • Up-to-the-minute location and time availability of trucks, trailers and drivers
  • System notification when PM’s and inspections are due
  • System notification when driver CDL’s or medical cards are due to expire
  • Route profitability reports
  • Revenue and profitability reports by shipper
  • P&L statements by truck or fleet (details include revenue per mile, cost per mile and profit per mile)
  • Reports to compare Owner Operators with Company trucks
  • Your information is available anywhere and anytime
  • Customer window to allow your shippers to check status of deliveries – or to enter their own loads.
  • Extremely flexible billing options (by mile; by weight; by piece, complex rate tables, etc.)
  • Complex driver/truck settlement options are made simple to manage
  • Repeat/Standard Loads saved in the system avoids repetitive data entry
  • Driver Performance Scorecard to provide an objective and easy method to manage and rank individual drivers.
  • Standard BOLT modules include Dispatch, Accounting interface, Driver Settlement, Maintenance, Log Checker and Fuel Tax (all are part of the base system).
  • Additional modules (requiring additional charges) are EDI, Brokerage, Cross Dock, Driver Performance, Multiple Terminal support.

These are only some of the features available to you with your BOLT system.  We have also developed a robust integration with several OnBoard Computers that can provide you with additional capabilities, such as:

  • Automatic updating of your BOLT system for truck locations, pickups and deliveries
  • Total automation of dispatch and payroll operations
  • Driver communication automated

Whatever your needs are, BOLT can provide the solution for you – so that you have the information AND the tools necessary to be able to manage your operation successfully and profitably.